Slave types

All needs are different

I distinguish between three “main slave types” but of course every need and every slave is different.

The natural slave

The natural slave is a natural submissive. He recognizes the hierarchy between Master and slave at all time. It makes him happy to serve a Superior and it fulfills him deeply. It is his inner need to serve Superiors and it is not a “play” for him – it is reality.

I believe that there is also a correlation that natural slaves are natural submissive and not really masochistic. Otherwise they would seek for punishment.

The session slave

The session slave can have some submissive traits but it is more about the experience, perhaps the thrill or another reason which drives him. During the session the slave can be submissive and accepts the hierarchy but outside the session he does not submit and want to have an equal relationship towards the Master.

Session slaves on the other hand can be masochistic and can seek for punishment.

The pseudo session slave

The pseudo session slave is kind of a mix of the natural and the session slave. A pseudo session slave is a natural slave which intends to be a session slave. That can have several reasons:

  • Perhaps it scares him to accept his natural slave being and it is easier for him to accept his being as a slave when it is temporary but inside he he is still a natural slave. With the right Master he could find confidence and live his natural desires.
  • Perhaps¬†he has to have a strict cut between “private life” and his being as a slave. He is not able to mix it.
  • Perhaps he interprets to be a slave means he is seen as weak or “less worth” – and that is not true! A natural slave has to be strong minded.