Master D.

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Where BDSM meets
authenticity and style

Let me introduce you to my world. I live with my slave the BDSM lifestyle where clear rules and structures apply and the hierarchy is omnipresent. BDSM was always a big part of my life and as it seems you are interested in it. Otherwise you would not read these lines.

I hope that my site encourages people who are interested in BDSM to discover their true self and who they are by sharing my lifestyle and my thoughts about BDSM. I want to show that there is nothing to be ashamed of and having such desires and needs is absolutly natural.

So enjoy my view on BDSM, dig deeper into this beautiful world of Dominance, submission, trust and power exchange.

On my blog you find hundreds of interesting articles. Me and my slave are sharing our thoughts and experiences about the BDSM lifestyle in weekly and more detailed articles:

Enjoy and follow me and/or my slave on twitter were we tweet about our lives as Master and slave.

+20 Years

experiences in BDSM

It began early that I started to explore my true self.

+10 Years

Living the bdsm lifestyle

Together with my slave I live the BDSM lifestyle.

+3 Years

Sharing content

Encouraging others.


The BDSM Lifestyle is diverse

It is about the needs of the Master

It is about worshipping the Master

It is about being reduced to an object

It is about being reduced to a pet

It is about being reduced to a working animal