BDSM Repertoire

BDSM is much more
than a single thing

BDSM is a lifestyle for me and has many facets. There are many kinds of slave trainings, tools and practices which can be used. Furthermore there is a variety of symbols that represent a BDSM lifestyle for me. Here is my personal repertoire with some explanation what they are or what kind of meanings they have for me.

Keep in mind that for me it is always about the action and reaction which these trainings and practices triggers on the slaves. Every slave is different.


Servant Training

Serving wine and food appropriately by showing respect towards the Master. Keeping a good body posture. That is all part of the servant training.

Dog Training

Fetching a ball, behave like a dog. Not allowed to speak. Showing dominance by reducing a slave to a human dog.

Pony training

Getting saddled, feeling the weight of the Master and being controlled by reins, riding crop and spores. Being reduced to a human pony.

object training

Only having one task being a specific object. That can be a human table, a human chair or simply a footrest. Or being in good use as ashtray or urinal that is all part of being reduced to an human object.

Lick Training

Only one task concentrating on massaging parts of the Master with the slave tongue. Tasting the boots, leather or the pure skin of the Master and worshipping him.


Being helpless at the mercy of the Master and endure the procedure or waiting in a “parked” position. Not able to change anything on the situation. 


Keeping the slave focused on the Masters need and improving his performance. Chastity is a sign that the needs of the Master are in focus.


Showing a slave that his sexuality belongs to the Master and that he decides if arousal and stimulation is given.


The slaves nippels are for entertaiment. Showing power over the slaves sexuality and arouse or punish him.

Cock and balls

The slaves cock and balls are only toys for the Masters entertainment. Showing power over the slave’s sexuality.


Using a slave as an urinal objectifies and points out his place in the hierarchy.


A powerful demonstration of trust and power by using breathcontrol on a slave.

oral services

Licking boots, leather or the naked Master skin. Nothing can be more submissive.

Spank & Whip

Feeling the power of the Master and getting trained to become a better slave. Using the riding crop for correction is important to mold a slave


Showing power by stretching a slaves hole or filling it up with a nice plug displays the position of the slave in the hierarchy


A symbol of dominance.


A symbol of power

Riding crop

A symbol of consistency


A symbol of submission


A symbol of ownership


A symbol of objectification