I felt that there was something special and unique about Master D. The subtle dominance that was present more implicitly than by what he was actually doing or saying, the perfect smoothness with which he manages to change the atmosphere from more serious to playful, from soft to hard ... that makes the whole stay a complete BDSM experience rather than sessions interrupted by meals and chatting. And finally the fact that Master D. does not need much to exert dominance. Explicit sex and hard corporal punishment/treatment are not the focus and mostly not necessary to achieve a truly deep, engaging and consuming BDSM experience that goes far beyond the play room.
After the preparation was done Master D. finally stepped in front of me. It was like a dream coming true to kneel in front of him. His presence was overwhelming and it felt abolutely right.
I would have loved serving master in front of others it was more than a great night which I hope will be continued soon.
The experience is absolutely special, deeply rewarding and enriching which is why I always feel honoured to be allowed to catch a glimpse of Master D.´s world.
In the time that I have served Master D., he constantly checks in to ensure that I am safe. He provides clear and immediate direction. He rewards me when I do well and punishes me when I do not.