Expectations of slaves

and honesty

I have clear expectations and preferences when it comes to slaves. Experience is not requiered for slaves who serve but there are some key elements which has to be fullfilled.

Most important is the slavemind. Here are the key essentials for slaves who want to serve me:

Key essentials

1. natural Submissiveness

Natural submissiveness is as key element required. It has to spark joy to serve and to submit to a Master.


2. true Devotion

With natural submissiveness true devotion emerges. This ensures the slave gives his best in serving his Master.

3. full Authenticity

Only a natural slave whose true personality is submissive and devoted can be fully authentic. Only then it is a real part of their true being.

4. pure Honesty

With full authenticity comes pure honesty. Honesty to yourself and towards your Master. 


5. absolut trust

With pure honesty, basic trust and time, absolut trust towards the Master can evolve.


showing Respect

Showing respect towards a Master means you have accepted your place in the hierarchy.

a slave Mindset

The right mindset keeps you reminded of your place towards a Master. It is not a “play” for you. You see yourself in every situation as an inferior towards a Master.

being chaste

Chastity symbolizes that you put your own primal needs aside and focus on the Master.

It is not about sex

You seek for the hierarchy, serving and submitting. BDSM has of course sexual aspects but sex is not required. Then in BDSM sex – if used – is just another tool to show you your position in the hierarchy.