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Jenny Schantz Jenny Schantz from Phoenix wrote on 20. May 2024 at 3:22
Dear Sir, Thank You for Your dedication and commitment to the lifestyle. i was particularly interested in Your article regarding Slave Types as it helped me understand a great deal about myself.
Admin Reply by: Master D.
Thank you for the guestbook entry, slave. Happy to hear that my article supported you to understand yourself. Hope you will explore and enjoy yourself.
Fat Chub slave Fat Chub slave from Fort Lauderdale wrote on 12. May 2024 at 19:19
I love your sight and the reality of a true Master slave relationship. Thanks for sharing. It gives me hope of finding a Master.
Admin Reply by: Master D.
Thank you. Happy to share my views and thougts with the community. I wish you the best to find the matching Master.
Piet Piet from Vancouver Island wrote on 12. January 2024 at 0:12
Newly emerging master here with slave in training. Wondering how to manage emotions. I have my master/dom side for sure but also want to require kissing and cuddling for slave. it will do whatever I tell it. Also, we are just starting. It wants 24/7 right away. It has orders and requirements but I am not ready to be with it everyday. I take time to get to know someone or something. Any thoughts or guidance? Maybe I sm not really a (total) master?
Admin Reply by: Master D.
Good day! Thanks for your guestbook entry. If you have Telegram try to reach me there for your question.
ProtectorSlave ProtectorSlave from Dallas, TX wrote on 11. October 2023 at 14:09
Master D. This slave was honored to locate Your website so it can read and learn more about the protocols You have implemented and learn more about Your preferences, requirements, and expectations. This slave serves its wife and will share with her the information so She and we can grow more in our lifestyle dynamic. She also has me serve Superior Men too and it would be honored if ever the opportunity for service to You were to present. Thank You Sir.
Admin Reply by: Master D.
Thank you slave. Happy to hear you serve your wife. I always wanted to connect to a BDSM couple. Who knows perhaps one day you will have to serve me...
fag slave fag slave from Dallas/Ft.Worth Texas wrote on 23. July 2023 at 18:01
Master D., this faggot slave just came across Your blog and it intends to read it thoroughly as what it has read so far has been of great interest to it so far. It looks like one of the best sites it has seen so far that really explains what it is like for a true Master/slave relationship, Sir.
Admin Reply by: Master D.
Happy you like the quality of the articles and my content. Have fun reading through, slave.
slave c. slave c. from Berlin wrote on 9. April 2023 at 5:43
MASTER D., what a great homepage and blog. I am currently being trained by my MASTER and OWNER to be a horse for riding and HIS servant and kept as HIS property - YOU express in words what I feel and sense in this process of upbringing โ€“ deep thanks for this mental input.
Admin Reply by: Master D.
Always happy to support the community. Keep up living the bdsm lifestyle, slave.
e1salvemeat e1salvemeat from London wrote on 3. March 2023 at 14:25
great site, simple effective well put together and very Masterful, thank you Sir
Admin Reply by: Master D.
Thank you for your comment, slave. I'm glad you like it.
Peter Sniffer Peter Sniffer from Gdaล„sk wrote on 1. February 2023 at 23:12
Really perfect job with this site. I'm really impressed.
Admin Reply by: Master D.
Thank you very much!
slave1020 slave1020 from Limerick City wrote on 11. January 2023 at 19:34
Master, Thanks for a very informative website. It's quite obvious you're a natural Sir! Best of luck to You and your slave
Admin Reply by: Master D.
Thank you slave
tim tim from wilmington, de wrote on 9. January 2023 at 23:58
Sir, it has followed You and Your slave for some time now and has really taken encouragement that a M/s and married husbands relationship is possible and healthy. it hopes to share your blogs with its husband in hopes that he too will see that this is a healthy way for both of us to continue to explore our relationship. thank You and Your slave for the encouragement. tim
Admin Reply by: Master D.
Hi slave, I am always happy to hear when others go the path of a BDSM Lifestyle! I wish your Master and you the best. Make small steps, communicate a lot enjoy what you love.
fs001 fs001 from Paris wrote on 31. December 2022 at 13:49
Congratulations on Your new website, Sir!!! It's so elegant, refinated, chic but also straight to the point about Your vision of Domination/submission, Sir. i've been following You for years on twitter and, in case Twitter falls down, we, our admirers, now have a shelter to connect again with You, Sir. Thank You for being who You are and showing us subs the way, Sir.
Admin Reply by: Master D.
Thank you slave! Happy to hear the design of the page is liked.
leonardo leonardo from Sรฃo Paulo wrote on 30. December 2022 at 1:19
Dear SIR and respective slave, have been following your posts with interest and excitement.. submissive by nature and obedient by discipline, am in pursuit of crushing a potentially arrogant ego for decades now.. after two years, during the pandemic, of weekly training sessions, learned important lessons (patience, forgetting own pleasure to focus only on MASTERโ€™s needs, wishes desires and even whims, among other lessons).. even got a certificate! after that, in recent months, have been helping a young inexperienced DOM from the north of the country (the Amazon) in the art and BESM practice.. recently had been in chastity for a few weeks and DOM allowed getting out of the cage for xmas, but still not allowed to interact with other Doms.. but had permission to release with the help of a friend sub.. unexpectedly though, experienced some dominant traits towards this other sub.. very confused now.. as YOU and YOUR slave are so experienced, seek advise, SIR! thank YOU in advance..
Admin Reply by: Master D.
Thank you. Appreciate that you like my/our content. There can be a hierachy between slaves but for my taste it is up to the Master which slave is above or beneth another.
RidingBootsMaster RidingBootsMaster wrote on 29. December 2022 at 12:26
Nice picture, how inviting for a guestbook on this great site! A slave with forced open mouth would even allow its use as ashtray. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Admin Reply by: Master D.
I absolut agree. Would be a useful furniture that way.
Slave in tokyo Slave in tokyo wrote on 28. December 2022 at 12:55
It is my paramount honor to write something here, dear Master. I am slutty slave in tokyo.i love your articles so much. Kneeling and waiting for more materials.
Admin Reply by: Master D.
Thank you slave! Happy to see that a slave from Tokyo is enjoying my articles! Stay tuned to new article slave.
slavesoldierAlex slavesoldierAlex wrote on 27. December 2022 at 17:23
So honored to be allowed to follow You and the slave. You both a great role model and help this slave to get deeper into submission as natural slave. Hope the allowed to show submission and serve You Sir.
Admin Reply by: Master D.
Happy you are following slave. Travel schedule will follow soon.
Master D. Master D. wrote on 27. December 2022 at 10:55
Welcome to the guestbook! Please feel free to write an entry into the guestbook!