About Master D.

Who is Master D?

Born in the mid 80’s I discovered my desire for BDSM in a very early stage and I began to find out who and what I am. It felt natural and right to discover myself in the world of BDSM and the most important part: It made me happy!

Because BDSM was always a passion I decided to create this site. It should encourage other Masters and slaves to be who they are. I know my website could give the impression that I am a Pro-Dom, but I am not – it is my passion, my vocation but not my profession.

Beside being a natural Master I am a normal human being as every person in this world – with friends, hobbies, work and family.

If you would meet me outside or with non-BDSM people you would not recognize the BDSM lifestyle I am living in. BDSM has also to do with respecting each others despite the hierarchy and this means also to respect vanillas. Nobody should be forced into it!

Why are you a Dom?

I am who and what I am. I believe I was born as a Dom. I recognized my desires and needs in an early stage. I was not scared to explore them.

I define me as a natural Master that means I am at all time a Master towards slaves and therefore I am not playing a role. Being a natural Master means that I am in full control of the slave(s) and that my needs comes first. That I have the last word and that I train the slave for my needs and desire.

That means that I am demanding, that my need are in the fore and that I enjoy the natural hierarchy between Masters and slaves in all facets!
It does not mean that I do not respect slaves or treat them like garbage! A slave is a human being with emotion and needs too. I provide slaves what they seek for: Dominance, trust, hierarchy, rules and structure. It is a symbiosis

This is what makes me happy and what I am.

What is BDSM for you?

For me BDSM is a lifestyle! It is a mindset and something absolutly natural. It is about hierarchy, trust, devotion, respect. It is a special form of relationship between two or more individuals.

What does it take to be a good Dom?

It always depends on the circumstances.
That sounds perhaps strange to some, because they have in mind a ruthless Master who takes everything and is rude towards the slaves.
In my point of view a good Master has not to be an "asshole". He do not has to scream. He has to have a natural domination, to be consequent, to know what he wants and in my opinion a good Master has style!

Of course it could be a scene for some kind of roleplay "session" for other Masters. Being this ruthless and absolut rude Master who show no respect towards the slave but thats not for me and for my personal taste it would not be authentic - which is very important for me.
Yes, of course I take what I want and of course I am strict about rules and structures and if they are not followed it would lead to consequences.

In my opinion a good Master has to have empathy! Listen carefully to the body language and words of the slave and therefore act and react to this signs. A good Master understands that it is a symbiosis between Superior and inferior. We need and depend on each other to live what we are.

A good natural Master is like an owner of an animal - like a dog or horse owner. You have a certain connection, you train and develop your animals, you take good care of their well-being.

What insight can you give about BDSM?

Most people would think a Master chooses his slave(s). I say the slave chooses whom he wants to submit and who he accepts as a Superior! If a slave chooses a Master and accepts the terms, structure and rules, the journey into BDSM can start.

Healthy BDSM means the slave has discussed these terms, structure and rules which the Master has and accepted them voluntary, because he wanted to submit. With this commitment a thrilling and exciting journey can begin.

Communication is crucial for a healthy relationship. Therefore keep always an open, nonjudgmental communication line open where the slave can discuss feelings, thoughts and reflect on his being as slave.
Tipp for Masters: Let your slave write a slave diary where he writes about his journey as slave. His emotion, his thougts etc. and give him "immunity" for it! Therfore you can understand your slave and catch up things you did not noticed.