Slave Protocols

What are protocols?

Protocols are rules and structures which slaves have to follow. Depending on the situation or what kind of slave training is in place certain specific protocols applies.

What kind of protocols are there?

There are different kind of protocols. From the social protocol which contain all rules and structures which applies at all time to the high protocol which shows clearly the hierarchy between the Master and the slave. Specific protocols are additional rules and structrure which applies when using a slave in a specific areas.

social Protocol

previously named Normal Protocol

Social protocol is always in place when non-kink people are around or whenever the BDSM lifestyle has to be kept secret. It is the protocol where serving is subtle. Nevertheless, even when it seems the Master and slave are equal: They are not! Orders are subtly hidden behind questions or statements. “Can you bring me a glass of Water?” or “Where is the bottle of water?” seems like a question for vanillas. For the slave it is a clear command to bring Master D. water.  If the slave is well trained he can read the body language or signals and he knows what to do.
Also when it seems that Master and slave are equal the slaves always shows respect and knows his place in the hierarchy.

Furthermore social protocol provides the room to speak openly and freely about feelings and emotion. It is the perfect protocol for the slave to also make jokes and laugh. It is a more an “informal” style of the BDSM livestyle.

But still the following rules applies at all time:

High Protocol

Master D. has clear rules and structures for slaves who submit and serves him. Of course it always depends on the experiences and the personality of the slave and therefore rules in the high protocol can be different from slave to slave. Slaves which are serving Master D. and accept him as a Superior have clear and certain rules. Examples are:

Specific Protocols

In the servant protocol slaves have usualy to wear a specific mask, collar, cuffs and they are only allowed to speak to Master D. or other people when the situation requires it. As example when slaves have to ask someone if they want more wine, if the slave should start to cook.

If the slaves service is not needed he has his specified places where and how he has to stand. As example while Superiors are eating at the dinning table the slaves have to stand behind the Superiors right side. Legs spread open, arms behind his back, head and eyes ahead. But slaves are allowed to have a peek glance on the table in case a glass or a plate is empty. After taking position a slave is not allowed to move a tiny bit. So all Superior can enjoy the view. When services are required the slave is of course allowed to move again. When Master D. or another Superior change the room or the location in the room the slaves have to bring the glasses to the new location and go in waiting position there.

Furthermore slaves have a rules about how to serve correctly, in which sequence, when to serve and how to display the slavebody. As example: Slaves are not allowed to interrupt a conversation/interactions of a Master. So a slave has to kneel with legs apart, a straight back and hand behind his back before Master D. or another Master and wait until they finished the conversation/interaction and address appropriately.

The high protocol is a softened form of this specific protocol.

In the dogslave protocol slaves have usualy to wear a dogslave mask, cuffs, collar, mitts and a dogslave tail. Furthermore slaves are only allowed to bark and to be on all four. Slaves are not allowed to speak at all
or to act like a human. Of course they eat from a bowl but that occurs at all time dispite this specific protocol.

In the ponyslave protocol slaves usualy have to wear cuffs, mitts, saddle, snaffle, rein and ponytail. Furthermore they are not allowed to speak. Of course Master D. is using a crop for giving him commands.

In the furniture protocol slaves usualy have to wear cuffs, mask and collar. In this protocol they are also not allowed to speak and as the name of the protocol already reveals Master D. is using them as an object. Master D. prefer to tie him them up like a table and put drinks and stuff on them while they have to be absolutely hold still. Master D. also uses slaves as chair, as a candle holder, ashtray or as urinals.
Furthermore Master D. sometimes like to tie up slave and leave them there. Stored like an object.

In the lick protocol slaves usualy have to wear cuffs, mask and collar. In this protocol they are also not allowed to speak. Master D. is using them as lick slaves. The only task is to lick. Lick Master D.´s boots, feets and if Master D. is generous also the crotch. While he is enjoying a book, surfing around or watching TV.