Meeting Requirement

Meeting a natural Master

You are about to fill out the application to meet Master D.?
Before you do it is important to know some details!

General Requirements

Find below the general requirements despite your place in the hierarchy.

Master D. is authentic and would like the other person to be as well!
For Master D. BDSM is not a roleplay – he lives the BDSM lifestyle together with his slave and therefore he do not want to become the feeling that he is in kind of a theater act.

On the other hand you will meet a Master which lives the BDSM lifestyle and is not playing a role.

It is a sign of respect to show up well-groomed. Despite of your hierarchie.

Do not expect sex! No anal or oral sex. Of course Master D. will keep the option open.

When you are meeting Master D. it is about BDSM and the natural hierarchy between Superiors and inferiors. It is about serving or getting served.


Master D. want to stay anonymous therefore fotos or film with his face revealed are not allowed.

Furthermore Master D. will only publish anonymized photos on social media or this website and only with the consent of all parties involved.

Master D. can not read minds – yes he can read body gestures or facial expressions – but communication is important. Let him know your thoughts and feeling.

Furthermore there is no shame when you are not ready for a meeting with Master D. but be honest with him and let him know as soon as you realize.

“Promise” Master D. only things you can keep and hold your words. I am sure you expect the some from Master D.

By staying at your words you building up trust.

What sounds interesting in fantasie can be sometimes challenging or feels different in real life. Of course you can have expectations or/and fantasies. Let Master D. know them.

Keep in mind that as a Superior Master D. has first to earn your trust.

Requirements for Masters

You are a Master or someone who wants to expierance BDSM from a distance? Then find here Master D. expectations:

Master D. trained his slave for over 10 years. He is responsible for him as well as all other slaves he takes with him to a meeting. His (guest)slaves trust him and he takes good care of their trust.
Therefore it is important to show respect towards the properties of Master D. and ask or discuss first what a guest Master is allowed to do with the slaves.

As Master you have of course the benefits of deciding if you want interact with a slave or not.

But once you choose your place in the hierarchy by dominating a slave in front of Master D. you will stay in that place in the eyes of Master D.

Keep in mind: Master D. sees BDSM as a lifestyle not as a roleplay.

Requirements for slaves

You are a slave and want to serve Master D.? Then find here Master D. expectations:

It is important that your need is to serve and to be used by Master D. It has to make you happy to server Superiors. This is what you get when you want to server Master D.

Master D. will take good care of you and therfore provide discretion and a safe environment.


As already mentioned above: Master D. likes it authentic. Calling him Sir or Master D. is of course an appropriate and appreciative form of address and a sign of your place in the hiearachy but it has to be authentic!

If it feels wrong to you or it feels like playing a role let it be!

When serving Master D. you will not receive any “scipt” what will happen. Of course before you will serve Master D. he has to know what you like and what taboos you have.

There is of course one exception: An absolute newbie.
If a new slave without any experiances in BDSM would like to serve Master D. he can decide to tells the slave what kind of practices are planned.

It is an important step for a slave to accept a Master and choose to serve him. Therefore if you are still uncertain to serve and submit to Master D. it is of course possible to first meet Master D. on a equal base – “vanilla like” – where you can make your decision to submit.

But once you choose your place in the hierarchy by submitting and serving Master D. – you will stay in that place in the eyes of Master D.

Keep in mind: Master D. sees BDSM as a lifestyle not as a roleplay