Being impressed by the training I receive by my Master

I consider myself as a natural born submissive slave. After more than 10 years of service to my Master I have to say I am really impressed by how my Master trained me and how He made things reality I didn’t know where possible at all. I am really grateful how my Master trains me and how far He has brought me. He managed to deepen my natural submissive side over the years. 

I know what has happened to me, but sometimes I see it from a more distant perspecitve. Like someone watching a handler and his well trained dog and saying. “Wow this dog is really great trained and totally obedient and focused on it’s owner. That must be a great trainer.” But the trainer I am watching is my Master and the dog I am seeing is myself. Master trained me to totally focus on Him and His needs and put them first wherever possible. But not in a way where He denies me anything or takes things away from me, but to a point where I want those things for myself and I am only happy when I do so. For example Master has taken away all my sexuality and rerouted it. Now the only way I feel something like sexuality is by pleasing my Master by doing everything that He gets the best orgasm possible. 

It is a great symbosis we have in this way and I am completly honest to  Him and tell Him that only He made it possible that I rechead this level of obedience with His persistent training. This dog can’t wait for the future months and years!“>

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